Царска туршия

Царска туршия

Царска туршия

2 кг камби – зелени и червени
1 кг моркови
1 кг карфиол
3/4 ч.ч. захар /~160 г
1/2 ч.ч. сол / ~ 110 г
1 л оцет
750 мл вода
1 ч.ч. олио
1 ч.л. черен пипер
3 дафинови листа
1 глава и листа от целина
листа от дюля /съдържат танин и се слагат като стабилизатор/

Начин на приготвяне:
Камбите се почистват от семките и се нарязват на четири или на шест. Морковите се нарязват на кръгчета. Карфиолът се накъсва на розички. Всичко се смесва. Поръсва се със солта и захарта и се оставя да „почине“ 4 часа. Зеленчуците се нареждат в буркани, като се добавят парченца и листа от целина и листа от дюля. Полученият сок се смесва с оцета и водата, олиото и подправките. Сварява се. Когато течността изстине, с нея се заливат бурканите и се затварят. Съхраняват се на хладно.



*Количеството е за два три-литрови буркана. Туршията се претака всеки ден, докато стане готова за консумиране.
Mixed Pickled Vegetables – King’s turshia

The favorite pickled appetizer of Bulgaria, this mix, named turshia is literally made for kings! Made following centuries old recipe. Unique taste.
Typically it is made in the late fall with the last load of vegetables picked in the home gardens. Made in huge amount, the turshia is then stored in the darkest and coldest places of the houses for months.

Ingredients: Blend of various vegetables including cauliflower, carrots, round fleshy (red and green) peppers, and more. Marinated in vinegar and oil, bay-leaves and celery, salt and black pepper. It gets ready in 7-10 days.

The trushia had permanent place on the tables, used as an appetizer that people had when drinking rakia and a side dish for the meat dishes.

There are variations of what types of vegetables you can use.
This is what I used:

2 kg round fleshy (red and green) peppers cut in small pieces
1 kg carrots cleaned and cut in pieces
2-3 heads cauliflower, cleaned and cut in pieces
10 celery stalks
3/4 tea cup sugar
1/2 tea cup salt
1 l vinegar
750 ml water
1 tea cup oil
1 tbl. spoon black pepper
3 bay-leaves
quince leaves – as a stabilizer

Mix all the vegetables, with the exception of celery stalks in a big pot. Sprinkle with salt and sugar and let the mix stay for 4 hours. Arrange them in jars and put between them celery stalks and quince leaves.The sause you have got from sprinkled vegetables at the bottom of the pot mix with vinegar and water, sunflower oil and spices – black pepper and bay-leaves. Boil the marinade and leave it aside. Be careful not to use very hot marinade, because the vegetables will loose their crunchiness and become mushy. Pour the marinade over the vegetables in the jars.

Cover every jar with plastic lid and leave it in a cool place. Turn the jars upside down /5 times for example/ once a day.
If you live in a cold weather you can keep it outside. Usually the turshia is ready for eating in 7-10 days.

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