Here I am going to share with you my favourite recipes and I hope you will find some of them useful for you, your child and your family.

I am Bulgarian. My name is Kremena. I am fond of cooking, biking and mountain hiking. Web-design and publishing are my professional spheres though.
My attitude towards cooking is best expressed in a quote from the novel „Chocolat“ by Joanne Harris:
“This is an art I can enjoy. There is a kind of sorcery in cooking; in the choosing of ingredients,  the process of mixing, melting, infusing, and flavouring, the recipes taken from ancient books, the traditional utensils…”

Yes, I really consider cooking an art. I did not know that I love it, until I learned to do it. In the course of time I found my style of cooking and my cuisine. I like experiments and I’m happy when I find a new recipe and a new taste so as to surprise my family and my friends. It is important for me how is served food too. It must be delight for the palate and for the eyes.  The food must be healthy and delicious.

I have heard Socrates saying that the best seasoning for food is hunger, but I think that the best seasoning for food are the people who I cook for.
I sware by the healthy food is one of the most important things for our physical and mental health. For me the healthy  food is one prepared at home from fresh products that are without preservatives, conservants and flavor enhancers and of course in reasonable portions. It is difficult task nowadays but I do my best to follow this rule.

Every dish and picture that I will post here is made by me. All reproduction and use of pictures/texts presented on this site is strictly forbidden. Please don’t use them without my personal permission.

Here you can see all translated in English recipes.

You are welcome!

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  1. Hi Kremena;

    Cooking IS an art indeed.

    It has every component of the arts:

    There are conventions to be followed and rules, it does appeal to our senses, it has a deep cultural meaning and just like in the arts the mastery consists in being able to convey that what you want to express.

    As it seems we humans are a result of the ability to cook, our whole body, the fact that our instestines are shorter, our brains bigger and our jaws smaller, all is a result of the evolution _after_ our hominid ancestors learned to put things in the fire to make them more digestible.

    We have thus learned to cook in the same way that we learned to make signs and write them down to express things and give birth to literature.

    Great site, thanks for the inspiration :)

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